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Entry 09: The Seven Deadly Sins

Well, just thinking...i already knew i was going to hell, but this puts the icing on the cake.

  • Pride is excessive belief in one's own abilities, that interferes with the individual's recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. Pride is also known as Vanity.
  • Envy is the desire for others' traits, status, abilities, or situation.
  • Gluttony is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires.
  • Lust is an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body.
  • Anger is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury. It is also known as Wrath.
  • Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual. It is also called Avarice or Covetousness.
  • Sloth is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work.
Gluttony and Sloth are the main ones i think i have, where as Greed is in there too. Envy is also one that comes to mind when i think of me...and i hate it.
Everyone around me is great, and i dont want that to change. I love things the way they are with everyone else, i just hate myself...and want to change myself for the sake of me not feeling so depressed about myself all the time...
But im finding it really hard to change...this is where the Sloth comes in, and the need to eat all the time, even when im not hungry ill just snack on things because im bored. Usually bad things because some idiot made them taste so good... Dx

I need help, i know i do...but, i dont even know what its oing to take to get it in my head to get something done about it. I lack determination, no matter how much i want to change. And damn, do i want to change...
Almost all of my insecurities are because of my weight...because i think im ugly and fat and gross, and that no-one wants to see me or talk to me...(i only feel like this at the worst of times, but i do get it a bit). The thing that gets me the most is that i get angry at myself...but i still dont change for myself. Its a vicious loop that ive gotten myself stuck in, i will tell myself that today will be the day everything changes, and then i go eat a big piece of cake and laze around on the computer.
*le sigh*
I hope things will change for me...i hope my head will kick into gear and help me achieve all these things i want to achieve.

Entry 08: Cake and other things.

Well, i be makings some cake. Chocolate cake with normal sugar icing because whitewings is to stinge to add icing in their cake mixes. But thats okay, we shall see how it turns out. Hahah, im meant to be dieting because im a little fat kid, but here i am making cake...sigh, looks like i failed again.
Also meant to be excercising, but that isnt working too well, either. Here i am, sitting in front of a computer...anybody have any ideas of fun and easy physical activity that doesnt involve expensive things and that you cant get sick of? Ah man, itd be great if i could find something...
On an up-side, me and Mischa are going to try and DDR on a recurring basis of time. Thatd help, because man does that make you sweat. And you use every muscle in your body. Which is great. :D
I would like to get a usb dance mat and download a program like stepmania or mungyodance(sp?) like Megan has done...she is such an inspiration on the diet and weightloss front. <3
Gah, i cant do it though. No moneys...i am trying to save, but i dont have much of an income to save. Ah, the joys of being unemployed. ;-;

On a much more exciting note, Supanova is getting closer, yey. :D
I have a few of my cosplay items ready, the biggest being a lovely wig that was delivered yesterday. I havent actually seen it yet, but Justin has it and says i can opens it on friday, woot. Im so excited for Friday, NARROGIN HERE I COME. As much of a hole as it is, damn i miss that town. I have some good friends down/around there, and we have heaps of wonderful memories there too.
The biggest thing that has me going to Narrogin, though, is moving up to Perth to be with me. And he moves in less than a month, wheeee! <33333

Well, thats about it...im going to go check on my cake now. And mebbe try and find something active to do... =\


Entry 07: I did this! :D




Entry 06: Cosplay.

So, for Supanova this yearr, i would like to cosplay. :D
My choices atm are Lucy from Elfen Lied, and a cross-gender Mad Hatter...any contribution, tips and advice much appreciated. <3

It'll be my first time...

Entry 05: Went to Perth today...

It was much fun, but soo tiring. D:
We did the usual stuff, difference being my buddy Cameron was up from the country, It was neat. :D

We got some bubble tea, checked out an arcade and it eated my money, played some random arcade game, headed to FAG, Tokyo Underground, Joynt Venture (i got a sticker. :D), Wildilocks, Empire Toys, and then we caught the train to Harbour Town to look at some clothes and such. Cam had so much money it wasn't kewl, but oh well. He was generous and brought us drinks. :3
I got some awesome neon socks that go over the knee, theyre pretty. And we spent the next hour trying to find a cheap pair of black shorts for me. We searched everywhere, shops in harbourtown, Target, Myer, Jayjays...no black shorts at all. D: It sucked.
After that searching, we stopped for some foods. Got a large popcorn chicken from KFC, and then headed back to wildilocks to get some awesome goggles for Cameron. And then to Tokyo Underground and he bought me a mario mushroom moneybox. xD <3
After the day was done, we went our seperate ways...I had to catch a packed rush-hour train back home...on my own. That seriously wasnt kewl.
I took my camera in hopes of lots of pictures...i got a total of 5. xD
1. http://i415.photobucket.com/albums/pp231/Drake-Child/SDC10359.jpg
2. http://i415.photobucket.com/albums/pp231/Drake-Child/SDC10360.jpg
3. http://i415.photobucket.com/albums/pp231/Drake-Child/SDC10361.jpg
4. http://i415.photobucket.com/albums/pp231/Drake-Child/SDC10362.jpg
5. http://i415.photobucket.com/albums/pp231/Drake-Child/SDC10363.jpg
Today was so much fun, I just thought id share it! :3

Entry 04: T H 3 C 0 L L 3 C T 0 R

Hrm, first entry for 2009. :3

I am doing TAFE for the entirety of this year. And my entire life is based around waiting for Justin to move up here ith me...

But that is not the point of this entry, the point of this entry is to discuss collections. My collections, in particular. n.n

1. The Nightmare Collection: I adore Tim Burton, my collection of his stuffs includes
- DVDs
  ~ Corpse Bride
  ~ The Nightmare Before Christmas
  ~ Sweeney Todd
  ~ Batman.
- TNBC Related includes
  ~ Jack Tissue Box
  ~ Jack and Zero Figurine
  ~ Watch
  ~ Towel
  ~ Coin Purse
  ~ Bed sheets, pillow cases and comforter
  ~ PS2 game
  ~ Jack Plush
  ~ Phone Charm
  ~ Backpack
  ~ Jack's head Necklace pendant
  (This is all i can think of)
- Sweeney Todd Hardcover Behind the scenes book-thing
- Knowledge. :D
Total of: 15 items

2. The Batman Collection: Based mostly on my love of The Dark Knight. Includes
- Joker Blockmount
- Joker T-shirt
- Joker mini figurine + medium figurine
- Batman mini figurine
- DK Badges
- Joker Playing Cards
- Stickers
  ~ Joker
  ~ The Riddler
Total of: 11 items

3. The Anime Collection: All things i have collected (plus gaming/japanese stuff). Includes
- DVDs
  ~ Serial Experiments Lain
  ~ Vampire Princess
  ~ Rurouni Kenshin
  ~ Ninja Scroll
  ~ Ghost In the Shell 
  ~ Howl's Moving Castle
  ~ My Neighbour Totoro 
  + Random others
- Plushies
  ~ Domo-kun
  ~ L
  ~ Ryuuk
  ~ Gloomy Bear x2
- Bags
  ~ Death Note x2
  ~ Final Fantasy
  ~ Domo-kun Purse
  ~ L wallet
- Figurines
  ~ Axel
  ~ Itachi
  ~ HMC Turnip Head and Calcifur
  ~ Tifa (Wanted Vincent. Dx)
  + Random Others
- Manga
  ~ Death Note 1,2 & 3
  ~ xxxHolic
  ~ Black Cat
- Games
  ~ Kingdom Hearts 2
  ~ Final Fantasy X, X-2, XII
  ~ Pokemon Pearl
- Small amount of Hello Kitty stuff
- Small amount of Jewellery & Misc. items
Total of: 35+ items

So there you have it, my collections so far. :3
Or what i could name of them, anyway.

Yes, i feel triumphant. n.n

Writer's Block: The Internet

Happy birthday, Internet! The Internet, of course, has changed many things for the good. But is it all good? What is the biggest problem the Internet has created for you or the world?
Cyber Bullying and Paedophiles. D:

Its amazing how much you hear about people getting raped and molested and all that kinda shit by being stupid and arranging to meet up with someone over the internet. I suppose taht isnt the internet's fault, as it wasnt meant to be abused in such a way, but it does play a part in other people's stupidity.
And as for the cyber bullying; Flamers, trollers, people like that, YOU ALL SUCK! Stop abusing the internet for your sad lifestyles, and go out and do things like that in person, so the person youre aiming you stupid comments at can KICK YOUR F*CKING HEAD IN!

I rest my case.

Entry 03: Oldschool PEZ.

So, today i took that $5 i had yesterday, and bought me some PEZ. I think its awesome, has the Joker's head on it. <3
Erm, other than that, not much else happened today, i have no wisdom for you, no advice from past experiences...although, i would say that you should hold on to the things you love, and never let them go. *huggles loved ones*

Me and the Maddymeister are finally getting to hang out tommorrow! :D
And it will be fun! :D
And on Saturday im heading down to narrogin to see my Justin-kun! :D
Of whom i love and cant wait to see!

Also, im thinking of cutting my hair, to the shortest ive ever remembered it being... o:
It will be a big thing...if it happens. n.n

Entry 02: Scary Red-Dot Lady. D:

Okay, so i had a whopping $5 to spend, so my dad took me to the hub, and we went to Red-Dot, hoping to find a bargain. As i was browsing the aisles, this manly-looking lady in a bright yellow and black/blue worker's shirt came up to me and asked me something about the store. I told her i didnt know, and was shocked as to why she was asking. Then she said 'You should know, you work here', now i assume she thought this because i was wearing a black shirt and black jeans, but the shirt i was wearing had NOTHING to do with Red-Dot, whatsoever, so i was like wait, what? And then i told her that i did not work in the store, and she just walked off...
I also walked off, scared that she might come back and try asking me something else, or run after me with a jackhammer or something. D:

So yes, that was the scariest, awkwardest moment of today...and i did not end up buying anything, as i was traumatised by the ordeal. *pats $5 in pocket*

Entry 01: The Beginning.

Well, its mai first entry, hurray. :3
I have no idea what im going to write in this journal...seriously.
I am a very boring person, with a boring life...unless something fun happens. :D

I 'spose i shall think of something. But until that day, I leave you with this:
Miaow. <3